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PulseA pulse illustration to indicate arts and communication information.Arts, Communications, & Information Systems

Are you good with computers? Do you like to communicate things or tell a story?

Consider a career in Arts, Communications, and Information Systems?

"Think Different." Perhaps the most memorable slogan from one of the world's greatest companies, Apple. They not only revolutionized the personal computer but also helped change the way companies market themselves and created an entire graphic design industry.

The world of Arts, Communications, and Information Systems is about creativity, expression, story-telling, and communicating ideas, sights, sound, news, and products to different audiences.

Artists have been telling stories for centuries through the stage, through music, and through paintings. Today that includes not only television and radio, and the internet has given us Spotify, Netflix, and YouTube, all opening up new career opportunities.

The world of computers has revolutionized all industries. Whether in the classroom, in your homes, or in business, the demand for workers that create and support computers, networks, and computer programming continues to explode. 

Programming and Software Development
two people working on a computer

Computer programmers and software developers create the programs that we use every day, including video games, apps on our phones, and technology that connects our homes. The demand for workers with programming skills has never been greater and will continue as traditional industries like manufacturing and transportation move into the computerized and automated world.

Jobs in Demand:
  • App Developer
  • Computer Programmer
  • Software Developer
  • Software Quality Assurance Engineer
  • Video Game Designer
  • Web Developer
Next Ten Years
  • 17.2% Job Growth
  • 4,447 New Job Openings
  • Source: WORKnet Wisconsin
Annual Salary Range
Annual Salary Range
Experience Level Salary Range






Source: WORKnet Wisconsin
Information Support and Network Administration
woman in server room

Technology demands infrastructure and support to keep computers running. Whether large networks or data centers that need network administrators and cloud technicians or smaller businesses that need local computer and technical support, people with the skills to maintain computer systems are in high demand.

Jobs In Demand:
  • Business Intelligence Analyst
  • Computer System Engineer
  • Computer User Support Specialist
  • Database Administrator
  • Information Security Analyst
  • Network Administrator
Next Ten Years
  • 11.2% Job Growth
  • 4,776 New Job Openings
  • Source: WORKnet Wisconsin
Annual Salary Range
Annual Salary Range
Experience Level Salary Range






Source: WORKnet Wisconsin
Arts, Audio/Visual Technology and Communications

This career field includes performing as an actor in the theater or in a movie or commercial, or perhaps as a singer, musician, or dancer. Set designers, camera operators, and soundboard technicians work behind the scenes to make a performance successful. Artists, graphic designers, and photographers use their skills to create art we see in galleries, or for commercial use in advertising and marketing.

Jobs in Demand:
  • Actor
  • A/V Equipment Technician
  • Camera Operator
  • Dancer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Musician and Singer
  • Photographer
  • Reporter
  • Set Designer
Next Ten Years
  • 7.3% Job Growth
  • 2,921 New Job Openings
  • Source: WORKnet Wisconsin
Annual Salary Range
Annual Salary Range
Experience Level Salary Range






Source: WORKnet Wisconsin

Pathway Specfic Courses

Course Number Course Name Department Prerequisite Suggested Grade Level(s)
1127 Art History Art 10,11,12
1114 Exploring Art Art 9,10,11,12
1562 Exploring Art 2 Art 9,10,11,12
1616 Yearbook Art 9,10,11,12
1107 Drawing, Painting, Printmaking Art 9,10,11,12
1103 Advanced Drawing, Painting, Printmaking Art 10,11,12
1148 Independent Advanced 2D Art Art 10,11,12
1126 Ceramics, Metals, and Fibers Art 9,10,11,12
1113 Advanced Ceramics, Metals and Fibers Art 10,11,12
1147 Independent Advanced 3D Art Art 10,11,12
1120 Photography Art 9,10,11,12
1155 Advanced Photography Art 9,10,11,12
1131 Independent Advanced Photography Art 10,11,12
1117 Graphic Design/Illustration Art 9,10,11,12
1122 Advanced Graphic Design Art 9,10,11,12
1124 Ind. Adv. Graphic Design Art 10,11,12
1157 IB Visual Arts SL/HL Year 1 Art 11
1158 IB Visual Arts SL/HL Year 2 Art 12
1881 IB Music Year 1 Music 11
1887 IB Music Year 2 Music 12
1690 IB Theatre Arts Year 1 Theatre 11
1691 IB Theatre Arts Year 2 Theatre 12
1663 Film Studies/ IB Film Studies SL English 11,12
1202 Programming & Video Game Design Business and Information Technology 9,10,11,12
1224 Computer Science Principles (CSP) Business and Information Technology 9,10,11,12
1276 Microsoft Office Essentials Business and Information Technology 9,10,11,12
1508 Web Page & Mobile App Design Business and Information Technology 9,10,11,12
1674 Great Plays (Literature Focus) English 10,11,12
1622 Music as Literature (Literature Focus) English 11,12
1621 Sports Literature (Literature Focus) English 11,12
1834 White Orchestra Music 9,10
1865 Red Orchestra Music 11,12
1857 Jazz Ensemble Music 9,10,11,12
1810 White Band Music 9
1852 Red Band Music 10,11,12
1854 Black Band Music 9,10,11,12
1826 Cantabile Choir Music 10,11,12
1877 Chamber Choir Music 10,11,12
1879 Concert Choir Music 9,10,11,12
1628 Introduction to Theatre Performance and Production Theatre 9,10,11,12
1684 Acting, Directing, and Playwriting Theatre 10,11,12
1699 Advanced Acting and Directing Theatre 11,12
1673 Advanced Playwriting Theatre 11,12
2833 Stagecraft I Theatre 10,11,12
1657 Stagecraft II: Theatrical Design and Production Theatre 11,12
2837 Stagecraft III: Independent Study Stagecraft Theatre 12
1609 Journalism (Language Focus) English 11,12
1615 Oral/Interpersonal Communication (Language Focus) English 10,11,12
1672 Public Speaking (Language Focus) English 10,10,11,11,12,12
1666 Written Communication (Language Focus) English 10,11,12
1676 21st Century Communications English 9,10,11,12
1420(S1) / 1423(S2) Work Experience (1 Period) Work-Based Learning/Miscellaneous 11,12
1474(S1) / 1413(S2) Work Experience (2 Periods) Work-Based Learning/Miscellaneous 11,12
1432(S1) / 1414(S2) Work Experience (3 Periods) Work-Based Learning/Miscellaneous 11,12
Youth Apprenticeship Work-Based Learning/Miscellaneous 11,11,11,12,12,12
1738 Algebra 2 Mathematics 10,11,12
2141 AP Psychology Social Studies 10,11,12
2146 Introduction to Sociology Social Studies 11,12