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Get a jumpstart on your future career

The best way to learn about potential careers and open the door to viable job opportunities is to take advantage of career and service learning opportunities. Improve your leadership and employability skills, develop a network of business professionals, and have fun while obtaining industry experience and making a positive impact on your community.

Why participate in Work & Community Based Learning Opportunities?

  • Opportunity to learn more about careers of interest
  • It provides the opportunity to develop technical, academic and employability skills
  • Makes classroom learning more relevant
  • Learn more about yourself
  • Develop and practice academic, technical and employability skills in a chosen career field
  • Earn credit and a paycheck
  • Obtain industry credentials
  • Give back to the community
  • Engage with groups of diverse individuals
  • Build a professional network
  • Expand your resume, career portfolio and/or college scholarship applications
  • You’ll have fun!
Work and Career Based Learning
Youth Apprenticeship

Youth Apprenticeship is a 1 or 2-year program that gives juniors and seniors the chance to explore a career area of interest. Students spend part of their school day doing real-life, hands-on, PAID learning under the guidance of a local business mentor. In this program, students gain the skills and experiences to compete for high-paying, highly-skilled jobs.

As paid employees of a local business partner, students have the same type of work, projects, and responsibilities as other employees in their career field. Students are selected for the program based on an interview with potential business partners and an application, which includes attendance and academic records. Positions are limited since everyone must have a business partner. Interviews take place in spring and most students begin working over summer.

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Work Experience

Work Experience provides juniors and seniors with the opportunity to develop and practice employability skills in a workplace setting, gain valuable feedback on these skills from their employers, and reflect on how these skills transfer to their future career goals.

More on Work Experience

Job Shadowing

Job shadows give students the opportunity to experience a typical day in a career of interest. Students spend time with an adult at his/her worksite, observing and asking questions about a career. Through job shadowing, students:

  • Begin to identify career interests

  • See how knowledge gained in school is used on the job

  • Explore the skills and education required for a career

  • Learn about related careers in the same field

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Note: Password for Virtual Career Events Library is V1rtual2020

Service and Leadership Opportunities
Activities and Clubs

Clubs and organizations are a great way to get involved, explore your interests (or find new ones), develop your skills, and have fun! Lincoln has over 40 different club and activity options for students to explore:

  • Academic
  • Business
  • Culture
  • Leadership
  • Music
  • Politics
  • Recreation
  • School Involvement
  • and more!

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Volunteering is a way to give back to our community by sharing your time, talents, and compassion with others. Through volunteering, our students connect to the community, learn new skills, build relationships, and make the world a better place!

All Lincoln High School students complete 20 hours of community service as a graduation requirement.

Volunteer Opportunities

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