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What is ACP?

4 Stages to Successful Academic & Career Planning: Know, Explore, Plan, Go

Academic and Career Planning, or ACP, is a student-driven, adult-supported process designed to help students create their own unique vision for post-secondary success. As each student navigates through this process they will be exposed to many different possibilities. ACP is for all of our students. Students will be empowered to develop an academic and career plan that documents and guides their journey through grades 6-12 and beyond.

Our ACP Model



Career Planning

Researching Careers


Exploring Careers

Career & College Exploration Opportunities
Summer Camps
Volunteer Opportunities



College Planning

Researching Colleges

College & Career Exploration Opportunities
Postsecondary Information

Applying for College

Letter of Recommendation Request Form
Transcript Request - Lincoln High School
Transcript Request - UW-Green Bay
Transcript Request - LTC
UW System Admissions Application
Common Application
LTC Application

Paying for College

Scholarship & Financial Aid Website



College While in High School?


Rising Phoenix Program

Rising Phoenix is a collaboration between Lincoln High School and UW-Green Bay, providing students the opportunity to earn their Associate of Arts and Sciences degree while in high school. Learn more!

Early College Credit Program

Gives students the opportunity to take courses through any public or private 4-year college or university while in high school.

Contact your school counselor to apply!

Start College Now Program

Gives students the opportunity to take courses through any Wisconsin Technical College while in high school.

Contact: Ashley Waniger

How do I contact a counselor?

Joe Wiesner
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Amber Fox-Brewer
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Katie Loest
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Class of 2023 - G-Ko
Class of 2022 - E-J
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Melissa Heuvelman
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Class of 2023 - Stes-Z
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Erin Thennes
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Class of 2024 - K-Mel
Class of 2023 - Kr-Ol 
Class of 2022 - K-M
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General Help or Questions:
Teri Theodorou, Counseling Secretary/Registrar     |     920-663-9612