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SchoolA school illustration to indicate academic and career planning information on this page.

Academic & Career Planning

Students engage in the Academic and Career Planning process to set goals and action plans to achieve those goals. This information is revised annually to reflect any changes based on their experiences.

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Programs of Study allow students to explore, and understand the relevance of, courses and learning experiences that support a variety of career paths across industries. Students are encouraged to explore several different Programs of Study based on their interests.

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Course Offerings

Course Offerings are listed by departments. Each listing includes the course length, number of credits offered, prerequisites, if the course is offered during the summer, and if the course offers college credit and/ or the opportunity to earn an industry credential.

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Work & Community Based Learning

Career & Service Based Learning allows students to apply what they have learned in school in a real world environment. Students can explore paid and unpaid opportunities designed to provide additional mentorship aligned to a student's areas of interest.

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